Friday, March 19, 2010


4 am... “Dude I am sleeping.. Wake me up for the classes tomorrow morning”
8.30 am.. Alarm.. Snooze.. Alarm.. Snooze.. Alarm.. Snooze.. Alarm.. Snooze..
9.15 am... “Shitt!!”
Wet hair.. Bulging red eyes.. Perfume sprays.. Stinking socks.. Torn converses.. Borrowed pen.. and the last leaflet of a notebook..

..saale uth ja.. class ni jana kya? (wake up moron.. we have classes to attend!)
Marathon to the lecture complex..
..aaj to attendance gayi..(we won’t get attendance today)
“May I come in...”
“Why are you late?”
“Sir I..........”
“Get in..”
..bhai kya mast movie thi.. (mahn! Last night’s movie was awesome!)
sleeping!.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

NITH LIFE STYLE... (arrrgggh.. ways to screw your life!):

Take chances!

Tell the truth!

Date someone totally wrong for you!

Say no!

Spend all your money and your friend’s too!

Borrow something and don’t return until he/she gets frustrated!

Get ragged and laugh about it!

Fall in love!

Tell someone that you love him/her when you don’t!

Get to know someone random!

Give loads of missed calls to someone using other’s phone and don’t pick when he/she calls back!

Love someone from the very core of your heart!

Say ‘I love you’ to someone special and get rejected!

Mass bunk and get caught with your girl by the teacher!

Be mean!

Be selfish!

Make fun of yourself!

Sing out loud!

Laugh at a stupid joke!


Watch The Someone you like in someone else’s arm and pretend you don’t care!

Take revenge!


Laugh when you fall!

Get into a fight!

Be the shoulder to a sloshed roomie!..

Tell someone how much they mean to you!

Tell the idiot how she/he hurt you!

Let someone know what they are missing!

Abuse someone who deserves it!

Sit alone, watch the rain and cry!

Sleep 24 hours sometime!

Laugh till your stomachs hurt!

Dance even if at it you suck!

Bash a junior in frustration!

Talk to animals!

Pose Stupidly for pictures!

Give someone a hug when they need it!

Make sure you get one when you do!

Watch cartoons, act like a kid!

And just when its packed up to the brim...

..Saad diya saale ne... (The teacher completely frustrated me)

[P.S. Special thanks to Priyanka, the cute little girl who originally wrote about the life style of NITH!..]


  1. gud job dude!!
    I was really planing a similar post but late as usual.... so add a point to nith life... alwaz be late and give chance to seniors :)

  2. absolutely right in most of the cases, and this is the reason u re stinking these days, no time to take bath.

  3. hahaha!.. i didnt wash that 1 day nd yu make a buzz outta it??.. huh??.. lol!!

  4. @nayanank.. thanx for commenting bhaiya!

  5. hahaha!.. i didnt wash that 1 day nd yu make a buzz outta it??.. huh??.. lol!!
    plzz elaborate "THAT" in above reply :P

  6. rehne bhi do bhai.. kyu maarne pe tuley ho aap??..

  7. osm yar...... specially "..Saad diya saale ne..." "dhiman sucks"....... :P