Sunday, March 14, 2010


How does it feel when the subjects you loved and the subjects you hated mingle together in some other subject? Concepts mix homogenously. Waves interfere with Electronic motions. It is then we realize that the entropy of Universe is indeed increasing. All worlds of my cosmos crash into my head like supernovae.  11 dimensions of universe, and still counting, revisions awaited. And when we say a cat has 7 lives, they bark like a mocking bird? That’s not fair!
For a new subject, the teacher says “You must be knowing all these things? These are very basic things taught in smaller classes” and feeds aggressively on our little stock of morales like a hungry termite. “Is that clear?” all that you can do is to give a bewildered look at your compassionate comrades. A couple of glances here and there and on second call, “Is that clear?” as if in unison, we all smile and, We Nod. Nod these empty skulls up and down.  
Why do these so called teachers fail to fall to our level, and after becoming an expert (real expert or paper crafted expert I cannot say!)? Were they a prodigy or have our brains really shrunk to the size of a peanut? It’s a battle everyday to drudge along the same roads to reach the very same battle grounds where we bled before.
But every wound, every cut, makes our hide stiffer to any atrocity that might befall us.
Once heard a guy from distant lands say in the first year “हमारे माँ बाप ने हमें mass bunk करने के लिए थोड़े ही भेजा है यहाँ पर!(My parents did not send me here to mass bunk classes). Today, he spearheads the motion for a mass bunk. This is how they have forced us to mould ourselves into sadist bastards.
Each day, we move a bit closer to the edge and by the time we are through with this ordeal, we would be fine artifacts, a living battle song!
Aah, a little footnote:
Commenting is free of cost and the author has developed a thick hide to bear any criticism or rogue comment. Just remember that when they mercilessly kill the article by clicking on the Cross on the top right corner of the screen, its injustice manifold.  We are becoming sadists, but we are far from being masochists.

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