Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't worry, Be lazy !

*Skiewpoint warning: This article is not intended for Doctors or anybody dealing with real lives. Please tend to your patients properly.
“People who love working never complete it in time.”
An understatement? Well think again.
Isn’t that obvious? Because they love it! How can one let go of something one loves? After all, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
So what shall we do to complete it on time?
That’s simple, Hate it! Just Hate it!
All you people
Friends, comrades and other unclassified retards, lend me your attention to avoid detention!
We all should learn to hate our jobs. Twist the neck of this bird in hand (pun intended, I love birds otherwise). Hate it to such an extent that we just want to finish it, once and for all. This would make us complete the job and get rid of it as soon as possible. We all must keep in mind to finish it off in one go, because one shot is all we’ve got. And if we miss it, the job will kill us (literally). Let’s be its perfect enemy. Kill it with perfection, so that even the on lookers and evaluators have nothing but praises for the majesty of the kill. This way, we will do it flawlessly.
Be lazy, it’s the key to innovation. Clinging to the old ways won’t let you do justice to the soft bed you shelled out a hefty amount on. Wasn’t the bassinet bought to enjoy an undisturbed sleep? And did you know that many great inventions were done while sleeping or dreaming. Take gravity for example, had Newton not taken a day off and hadn’t he been dozing off under the apple tree, gravity would have still been pulling our legs (or should I say we would have been saved of the stupid s=ut+half gt square numericals.) Even the benzene ring, the sewing machine and many more inventions are an outcome of dreams. So come on, sleep a little bit!
 Invent, improvise, and innovate! Do whatever it takes to complete the job as soon as possible, with the least possible effort. And while you are doing it, do ensure adequate time for that primetime match, or maybe a latest flick. Sticking to old ways will kill more time, make production stagnant and may possibly frustrate you. Even companies boasting of hassle free claims won’t give you insurance for lost hair or that lively young face.
 For the company of lovely ladies (who admire your being a workaholic), some of which you might probably miss because of that lovely nap, don’t worry, this blog has enough to keep them engrossed. Just give them this blog’s address and I’m sure they’ll have lots to talk, after you get back to them. I take no guarantee of their mood though.
So live life tension free, kill jobs without mercy, innovate and alleviate your troubles and don’t forget to sleep.
* Skiewpoint pun: And a word for the doctors who still read this post despite of the warning, please mention your address. I have to add it to the list of places not to visit.


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  2. there r only 2 ways to get rid of a work: 1. Hate it , complete it 2. Love it & do it.
    1st one is better : subjected to terms & conditions.

  3. work?.. wadz tat??.. just ignore it!..