Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Holy Mall Road!..

Through the small openings of my burning eyelids, I tried to make out the angle between the two crosses. Incidentally they were not making any angle. I could see only one long arrow.


It was six already. I was late. I was supposed to be there by six.

From the Nescafe to the girl’s hostel lies the HOLY MALL ROAD. Wait a minute did I use the word holy? Yes it’s holy because it is only at this part of the institute that you sometimes get to see the beauties that hide themselves in the gloomy and restricted, not to be entered PGH and TYPE 2. (for those losers who don’t belong to this place PGH happens to be the girls hostel and TYPE 2 happens to be the First Year Girls Hostel) The mall road has been the carpet to the tender footsteps of all the bombshells that ever made their way into this place and will continue to do so for many years to come. I am so very envious to it. Starting from the G7 to many more such plastic groups to come, the mall road would serve them as the route for their daily college activities; in the morning as the cursed devil to the lecture halls and in the evening as the splendid romantic heavens stitched by cupid himself.

Down throughout the day the Mall Road witnesses the beauties (and the uglies as they form the bulk of it) brisking their way to and from the institute with sweat all over their faces. Sweat! Feels like pearls sliding on freshly polished marble floors!. This is the time when girls from groups consisting only of females. But the Mall Road is altogether a different place in the evening. Believe me by then it serves no less than cupid’s paradise; and also not to mention the battle field for the Khappies and the Khocha groups. Everyone has his/her own reasons to visit the Mall Road in the evening. The visitors include the slow moving couples who God knows what but have a hell lot of things to share with each other. I guess my girl will do all the talking if I ever trod on that road with a female.. duhh.. The second class of people are the friends of these couples who visit the Mall Road only to make fun of or to prank jokes at these couples. The third class consists of those people who have no worthwhile work to do and who sit on the mall road only to nurture their hunger for beauties. A class of females trodding this Holy Road also include the vultures that come out of their hostels only to catch hold of some idiots to pay their cheques at the Juice Baar (Juice Bar! Ill get back to it) or to stock some innocent guys and adam tease them. The Khappies and the Khocha group include those ass holes who visit the holy road only to prank jokes, pass lame comments or act like weirdoes and psychos.

The best part of the Mall Road is the awesome Juice Bar (or the Tuck Shop as the girls call it). It acts as a paradise for love makers as well as for those who move in groups of the same gender. Awesome coffee with all the beauties edging their way back to their hostels; the juice bar is an ultimate venue for procuring salvation. Saliva ready to drool out of your mouth, Chocó power laden coffee and then someone calls you back to your senses... Check out that awesome chick mahn!.

I washed my face with water and hastily tried to put on the best pair of converses out of my collection. Shouting at the top of my voice... Ajay.. Muchhii.. Shingari.. It’s 6 already.. we are late.. Let’s go people.., I rushed towards the exit of my hostel.

Everyone has his/her own reasons to visit the Mall Road in the evening. And if you are trying to guess mine, better stop scratching your head!..


  1. haha.. gr888.. d famed pathway illustrated in vei honest wae... bt d writer hs sumhw missed out on da most idiotic structure put up .. d unnecessary bhajans nd at tyms shehnai bein played durin mornngz n evnngz !!!! tht olmost ruins da fun f havin a luvly walk down dat road..

  2. exquisite writeup dude.. good job
    yaar i alwaz visit this exaggerated mall road for a morning jog nd find just saadu bhajans nd budde(old) lecturers with their fat old wives... think i need to change my timing to find those mentioned beauties which i cudnt c in my 4 yrs of stay here!!

  3. hahaha!.. yes bhai!.. change ur timings!.. sit at te juice bar and relax to njoyy te beautiful creations of God!.

  4. Oh ! I did not realize that there was a legend associated with the Mall road ! Aren't you people starting a tad too late ? :P You get just one hour of sight seeing if you start at 6. Better start early, competition is high dude !

  5. its at 5 tat tey return to their hostels.. 5.30 all te weirdoes come out and itz at 6 that te beauties edge their way on te holy track.. and at 7.15 you get to see everything everyone!.. :P

  6. nic one.....crisp n spicy
    haha..apne favourite spot ka bhi mention kar dete..d lonely bench by d roadside

  7. Hi man,
    Just happened to 'happen' by. Its a nice blog you have here and i see youre having your share of fun. :)


  8. woooohooohooo... hie vignesh sir!!.. great to see yu stumble on our blog!!.. yea we are having our share of fun for sure!!.. houz yu sir??.. houz life tese days???... :P

  9. @priyanka.. thanx!.. wo mera spot hai.. aur maine apne baare mei kuch ni likha hai! :P

  10. hahaa!.. kake yu came along wid us only one day!.. :)