Monday, May 10, 2010

..To the Angel!.. Mommy we Love you..

Who says there is nothing called ‘love at first sight??’
Because when I was born
Just as I opened my eyes
I fell in love with you mommy at the very first sight!

One day before a baby was born
He asked the almighty, “I don’t know what I'm going to do in this world!”
God replied, “I have sent you an angel to be next to you all the time; the angel will teach and protect you!”
The baby said, “what is the name of my angel!?
“You will call her MOMMY!!”

“When you feel you are alone in a crowd
When you think no one can understand you
When your love is rejected by others
When you hate your life
Just close your eyes and
See her face who loves you more than anyone else
Who cares for you in loneliness and
Dies for you when you cry
She is no one else than your sweet loving mommy!”

A child asked God, “Which is the court where all the sins and crimes are forgiven?”
After a chuckle he replied, “Your mother’s heart!”

Happy mother’s day to everyone!
A salute to all mothers!
To all angels on earth
Mommy We love you!..


Blasphemous Aesthete
Davesh Shingari
Suv! Raptured


  1. Mommy i miss yu!.. miss yu a lot!.. mommy yu are te most beautiful angel on earth.. yu are the only woman whom i ever cried for.. mommy i crave to be with yu forever nd always.. whenever i dream of yu, i wake up with a smile.. i always shout at yu wen yu run after me with hair oil.. but i still enjoy the chumpy as it feels like hevens when you put your hands into my hair!.. mommy i love yu!.

  2. To all Mothers, and Mothers to be,


    Team SkiewPoint salutes you for being 'You'.

    Words cannot express the emotions of my heart,
    because heart's got no words to define my mother,
    its my heart beat that could tell how I feel,
    for that is something you once gifted me.
    My guardian, my angel, my Goddess,
    My MOTHER,

    Love You.

  3. You are all making me feel guilty. I didn't quite get what my mom was doing for me all of the time until I became a parent. I guess that I still take her for granted too often, mostly because she gave me so much while not asking for anything back.

  4. You've become a father, try being a mother sometimes Paul.

    And I think its high time that you go up to your mother and say a Thank You.

  5. So so so lovely sweet words :)))
    Thanks for sharing !!!

    Have a Happy Weekend

  6. I ran through most posts of your blog . Unconventional as it seems :) The variation and vividness in your writing is very evident .

    I have'nt read yer posts that declare to be offensive to women :) Will read it soon . Me , a feminist !

    Keep writing !

  7. Thank you all,

    Only those women who lack the appetite for sarcasm term the blogs to be unfriendly. Others would agree that what we have written does happen, and those who don't agree but have a good sense of humour just smile.

  8. @ anya : thanku maam for stumbling on our blog!.. :P

    @ vinutha : hope yu go thru them soon!.. lol!