Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a Kiss?

Matinee time!

Sizzling dinner still causes certain turmoil in the stomach as every member of the house settles in the living room to watch the prime time movie being telecasted on the TV. Believe me, it is the only source of entertainment (and torture for some) for most of the families in our country. Unfortunately, it is an English movie tonight. It’s an action movie, so it must be having a hero, of course, a heroine and the hot and dashing villain whose arms are generally huskier and sinewy than the legs of the hero (or heroine). Hey, Avatar was an exception to that, the Heroine was bigger than the hero and the villain, but maybe that’s why Cameron missed the prestigious award and had to reach for his wife’s throat when Hurtlocker struck gold. It’s a masochistic and prejudiced world I must say. Back to the movie now! Since it is an English movie, it has to have their way of expressing love or affection to each other, the tongue twister KISS. Sometimes, the heroine needs to do it to the villain too, possibly to buy the hero more time to complete his job or maybe she likes trying a new guy every now and then. This reminds me of Racheal Weiss (She’s as beautiful as ever) when she had to smooch a mummy to get him diverted from his sand storm trick and buy her hero a life. Picking guys was Okay, but mummy, it seemed to be her fantasy (She plays an artifact hunter anyways, shot one down with lips?). Smooch and that too with a dead insect eating creature, just imagine. Anyway, the heroine in this movie is really gorgeous and has remarkable curves (She ought to have them, it’s her source of bread and butter) and her blood red lips coated with a thin coat of gloss seem to be very appetizing.
But there is a small (big) problem. The remote (yes that thing used to switch the 900 channels) is in the wrong hands. The fingers are at constant itching to try new button combinations whenever there is an advertisement. And in the case of this movie, another clause has been added: Change channel whenever the lead characters are together and no one’s around or someone getting turned on, or romantic scenes or anything that may lead to kissing and everything that ensues. Gosh! I thought it was also classified as intense action and somewhere deep inside, I had been waiting for it, and when it was finally happening, a pack of wolves was scavenging for its meal on my TV screen.
What? It was just a kissing scene. They do it most of the time. That’s not fair. Grow up people! Sometimes, KISS is said to be an acronym of ‘Keep It Simple and Straight’. Okay, it’s a much more intense action of twisting tongues and biting lips here, but still, it’s just a kiss. Helpless in a family organization, I cannot protest, they are elders and they are imposing censorship. But this is ridiculous. Just a kiss, oh come on!
Majority of India has long been a conservative type of society. Many critics have vehemently opposed the growing influence of western culture on Indian population. Many radical subsets of the Indian society still try to force their social norms on others. For this they may even use force, the unfortunate misdoings by Shiv Sena on Valentine’s Day are an ugly reminder of such fickle mindedness. I remember the very polite question from a dating couple who got beaten up by some cops (‘Best’ Cops I think) for the reason that they were supposedly dating, “Is falling in love a mistake?”
I guess, we belong to 21st century? And so do our parents. Or let’s say, we were born in 21st century and they made a transition. But is transition too hard when all senses are working fine. But maybe, our senses have grown accustomed to what they have been seeing and it will take a lot of effort to make them change. It is human to err, but then its more human to accept an important change.
Unlike our parents, bollywood seems to be catching up with the kissing scenario. Given some initiations in the nineties, the emergence of ‘The Serial Kisser’ was a drastic success and obviously, other heroes followed suit. But this makes me think that if elders don’t feel the winds of change, then would they stop watching movies someday? Another funny thing is that this trend is passing on to our generation also. I have seen many of my age grouped people changing channels much like the same way, especially when there are females around (duhh.. aahh.. they would otherwise drool and ogle at such scenes with their friends!) I don’t know what goes through their minds, but then they should stop pretending being modern, if they cannot think rationally. I firmly believe that even most of the liberals have a more conservative part in them, more than what they know or think they have. OK, sometimes it pays off to be conservative, but other times (like this one), it isn’t justified.
That’s all for now. The channel’s back and the romance has passed. The movie is supposed to be an action flick and I should not try to miss the violent action part at least, though romantic action could possibly make us tenderer than sadistic action and bloodsport.

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  1. "the unfortunate misdoings by Shiv Sena on Valentine’s Day are an ugly reminder of such fickle mindedness."

    And sad but true, men holding hands in public isn't a problem for them.
    Interesting read!