Thursday, February 18, 2010

PENDOWN, a new form of Satyagraha or mockery?

DISCLAIMER: Every thought and words penned down here are a result of our observations and the words have been contemplated, well framed not to break decency, and keeping the truth in consideration. So any wounded egos is not our fault, it is their own!

PENDOWN (student’s version)-A great and cool act done by ‘We the Students’ as a sign of unity, in which the students universally refuse to budge their pen in the examination hall.

Reasons:-a thousand, yet the most prominent are, seniors did it, other batch mates did it, we shouldn’t lag behind.

PENDOWN (teacher’s version) - A disgusting act of unity shown by students to undermine my authority in class by the unanimous boycotting of examination.

PENDOWN (true version) - We bloody shitpots, the students, don’t study and when we see the snow avalanching on us we try to run hither and thither.

We had our internal exams from the follow up day of the gorgeous Valentine day up to the 16th of February. As the joke runs, “in how many days can you complete a 500 pages book? Doctor, an year, Accountant replies a month, lawyer a week and an engineer asks- when are the papers?” we proved to the joke, and played fine. However a new plan surfaced, designed to face these internals this time. Plan codenamed: PENDOWN.

The history of PENDOWN, I don’t know but can surely guess, runs long. Our seniors in this internals did this so called great act in three of their five papers. Our juniors did it on 16th of February, and this hurt our ego. Our seniors did it, our juniors did it and we losers come out of a barrel of nipples sucking our thumbs! This was unbearable to us, so plan PENDOWN was executed today!

ORIGIN OF PENDOWN IN A CLASS: Usually the vortex of a pen-down in class originates from a single individual’s brain. The single individual boasts in front of his/her friends about a paper boycott put of sheer fun and the friends think the idea is cool and rather achievable.

PROCESS: Phone calls to the revelers are made. Revelers of the class (generally who on account of their screwed up habit of reveling in vodka and porn turn out to be bottom liners) get joy-ed at the mere mention of a new type of revelry, and start convincing the whole class about a PENDOWN.

Few are moulded into the stands by crook; others are grabbed by the hook.
A few of the crook techniques are custom messages of gtalk as follows:
“ECE WALO KAL PAKKA PEN DOWN DEKH LO AB JISNE LIKHA 1 SAAL BACHA HAI ABHI COLLEGE KA!!!!" jisne kal exam attempt kiya use social boycott!!!”
“knowledge dikhane ki cheez nhi baantne ki chez hai... to paper de k show off na karo ... :) PENDOWN 2morrow... :)”

RESULT: Goal is achieved. PENDOWN is successful! Cheers….

CRITICAL APPRECIATION: An old adage in Hindi goes as, “whether the knife falls on the melon or the melon on the knife, it is always the melon that bears the onslaught.”
So whether it is the mistake of the teacher or the student, it is the students who are at losing and receiving ends.

PENDOWN a modern form of Satyagraha followed by students has lost its true meaning under the utter corruption of mankind. Students have made it a status symbol. Others did it, we must also do it.

Ultimately who is at loss? Who suffers?

WE. The teacher has not lost anything. He won’t mind putting a zero to 60 odd bastards. No one can remove him from his job (government in our case), no one can stop his promotion scheduled for once every five years.
Ultimately, a request to every reader, before taking any step, think about the consequences(negative ones first) and the aftermath. Always remember the story of the shepherd who used to shout “wolf, wolf” whenever he used to get bored and the day when the real wolf turned up and he called up for help no one turned up, thinking him to be a prankster.

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  1. I think copying others doesn't reflect a respectable individual in us.....

    we are doing pendown or we want to do it just because our seniors have done this, is not an appropriate answer.........

    It shows that we can't think on our own what is right and what is wrong.......

    going with the crowd can give you a status in society, but not in your own eyes.