Friday, December 18, 2009

"Below Average Joe and the Results"

It's that time of the year when your Below Average Joe logs on to check his results. This is most probably the only time when your Below Average Joe prays to God with a keyboard in his hands. As soon as the results page loads up, not caring about how he did in each of the subjects,he lurches for that magic word, "PASS!!!!"; ecstatic he takes a few seconds to double check and triple check just to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Next comes the individual subject grades "BC,C,D,etc." ,with a satisfactory look he opens his messenger and proudly announces his grades.

Now comes the whole process of either asking or checking the grades of his closest and limited rivals. Apart from a couple of position changes, all is the same. Next comes the all important process of swearing and degrading the top 20 rankers, and well, the opposite sex !! (Not to forget the teachers either). This is the most entertaining and explicit part of the whole process. Starting with serious discussions on ways to destroy various departments and offices of the college and why people study so much, to more explicit jokes like how the performance grades prefer to get along with the fairer sex. The jokes go on for quite some time to a point when the whole "disappointment" of the grades are forgotten.

Last but not the least is bringing the "Future Stomach Satisfaction Act" by Below Average Joe's into action. According to this act, Our Joe picks the Top 10 rankers, congratulates them and eventually, get to the point of a party. Few of them are benevolent to offer him a feast (pitying his grade....Ha...silly toppers!!).

With the whole process now complete, Below Average Joe sits back in his chair, gives out a sigh, his brain crosses out one more number.For Below Average Joe all that the result meant was, that he was one more semester closer to graduating with the same lot of people he started this long, hard and memorable journey with.

5 Down, 3 To Go!!