Saturday, December 19, 2009

"9 Pointed Devil"

Our Joe's out for a party and so I, on behalf of this underprivileged lot, take this opportunity to help you see things Top Down.

Being the owner of this 9 pointer, which is rightly the Devil itself, we have duties to attend to. This devil bestows upon me the opportunity to be on the top of the food chain for the proceedings of the forthcoming semester. So here's a sneak peek for what all is in store.

The news spreads like jungle fire. All hyenas and vultures just wait, for the right moment to ambush. Found wandering anywhere near the food stalls, and you are broke. Even our own, so called 'Best buddies', persuade us to the altar,and then, Caesar dies.

Its not just the pocket that feels light. It could be our birthday anytime, any day, then we too can touch the sky with gory (feet at our butts). Now, anything out of the line in a conversation, and you are silenced with a taunt at your CGPI. In the classroom, as if playing God, we need to answer every question fired at us.

Any talk related to us is branded "Handle Without Care", and the best part is that we can't even say ouch!!
Still, at the end of the day 'We' are the Masters of the trade and everyone needs to turn up onto us every now and then. And like sweet poison, we chide them, pamper them and eventually dissuade them from touching those burgeoning piles of class notes. Thats how we have managed to tame this Nine Pointed Beast.
Though there might be other easier methods too but mentioning those might give jitters to some of my fellows of the Underprivileged Group (aka 9 Pointer Group).

I would gladly accept to be the master of anything above 9 pointed creatures if somebody offers me to, but then the consequences might be too dangerous, and what are hyenas and sly cats now might turn into predators and so I would just say , I Dare Not!


  1. hahaha!.. i understand... i understand!...

  2. dont you dare. :P
    cause if you do, you will find yourself alone.

  3. I wont mind being solitary. Perhaps you dont know me well.
    BUT there are other reasons that I would refrain from something higher.