Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yo Chandigarh !

DISCLAIMER: Humourous interpretation by a blogger
This is not just another random tourist guide to Chandigarh. This is A Bastard's Chandigarh tourist guide. If you are wondering what a bastard is (not from inglorious, but better read as 'jobless online engineers' JOE s ). A bastard is a synonym for such a word.
Location: Sector 17 bus stand
Specimen - A hot 170 cm tall girl on high heels, red tees and blue jeans. From this bastard's skiewpoint, tourist spots are not the only things that you are interested in when you arrive at a new place. Species of the opposite gender are appreciated as well. Earthly creations of God and other wonderful creatures do not escape our eyes. I mean, there is no harm in 'sight' seeing, right? And our herd of nerds did just that, watch the flock of birds. And the way we did it? We could be awarded the 'Best sightseeing award' for reckless swishing of eyes.
NOTE: Please try to keep your eyes off gals while crossing roads!
Chandigarh lasses are awesome, and half the time, while actually we were there on a purpose of buying some components for a project, we also carried out a survey on the density of girls in areas. It’s like you will have no dearth of females at any point of time. With every 5 minutes, (if you are not constantly standing at one fixed place) you see a girl whose looks are unique in each and every way. The sad part is that, the really hot ones are already taken and the beautiful are either out with their moms/dads or roam with their bunch of friends. The welcome change is unlike the ones you find in south (fried babes with an attached likeness to fairness creams), these lasses have a pretty fair face, if not like ghostly white of Kareena (read Yuva, the beach song!)
Oh Baba Raamdev ji, I made you proud. My eyes were executing Simple harmonic motion like a pendulum. (Now I see well!) The art of sightifying without getting caught is awesome. Of course, things are so much simpler if you don a ray ban or dark shades, but then seeing them in the real thing rather than from behind a veil of black and white is a pleasure reserved for oneself. Many a time, we weren't even listening to what the other was saying. [location] 3 o clock you find a hot girl wearing a tee saying " I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome" , whilst a girl at 6 o clock wears a tee proclaiming " I have a pretty face, see that too" . These tees are more than common here in this northern city. A place where you can find girls and women in all types of shapes and sizes. Round, shapy, kingfisher types (alas, they are taken! Cannot really pull off a Barney when you have a 6 pack monster protecting her). I cannot believe I am saying this, but even young moms are hot! sexy and chique. They wear attitude as if they have long forgotten the troubles of motherhood. All sorts of Godly creations in all types of tight fitting, figure hugging attire inviting constant praise in the form of male eyes (not always prying).
The suave chicks do know they are inviting attention, so we boys are more than happy to oblige. I said to myself," one of these days, I am going to pull a Barney". You must imagine the plight of us engineering students. The places where we come from, there are just males and non males. (I know that is copied from before). It was a welcome change from the otherwise monotonous faces that we get to see in our college. The best part about this city is that the girls are not afraid to wear their attitude on their sleeves, and they proudly show it off. And still manage to stay on the safe side of society. It is like they do not breach their level so as to be branded bitches. And that is a welcome change. They are conscious of what they wear, and they flaunt their 'assets' very intelligently as well. Wonder if they have the sensibility to match their figurines. Will surely let the blogosphere know more in a later post.
On a finishing note, the author hopes to find a sensible blogger-cum-beautiful Chandigarh lass one day, and surely Chandigarh will not have seen the last of us engineering studs! Chandigarh gals rock!


  1. a whole post on chandigarh lassies...if ny of them reads(i mean can read) and then u get her 2 read, i m sure she will hook up with u and u can do all the sight seeing u want. :P

  2. how forthright! just happened to come across this, and maybe it was a 'guy' post meant for only those with a Y chromosome (I would have thoroughly enjoyed it if I had one too), just one line got me a bit more worked up than the rest..south Indian lasses look 'fried'; with a fetish for fairness creams? Well now we know where it come from don't we?!

  3. Well, it came from an Engineer, who was just trying to breathe.....Eventually, the ladies took his breath away....

  4. hehe ! you would have loved this post if you read it from a guy s point of view ! now who says black is not beautiful ! not to mention the halle berrys and naomi campbells in south !! All hail beautiful girls !

    P.S ... humor intended, we are a bunch of morons !