Friday, April 16, 2010

Devil’s Manufacturing Plant

This has been our constant endeavour to make your stay as unpleasant and painful as it can be. We envision you as the heirs of these dutiful thrones of hellmakers and eventually, the best amongst you shall rise to be the successor to Lucifer’s throne. This makes our enterprise a totally focused and dedicated enterprise. Though we don’t follow any prescribed method of training, it is ensured that adoption of virtuous means and truthful ways is strictly forbidden. With a full time evil think tank drafting our plans, the means adopted are darker, unethical, inhumane, torturous and most unforgiving.
Every type of extracurricular activity that promotes the craving for the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ is permitted and propagated after prior official consent. The authorities have been handpicked from amongst elite class of the business of green note crunching. Before any activity is organized, special care of their bottomless pockets is to be taken care of, or else………
Now that we have mentioned the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, let this be clear to you that we only promote the increase in the craving and satisfaction is not our problem. We will try to suppress any sort of affairs that can lead to satisfaction, for this may drift you towards sanity. From our past, we have learned that everyone who steps in here for the first time has some goodness in him, but this eventually fades away. Young minds learn fast and pose a constant risk of toppling our authority. So, if anyone tries to cast wool over our eyes and try to get past us in this business, beware. We tolerate no offences, and will employ any ill means to suppress the upsurge.
Now here are a few customs that you should engrave in your mind for the time you are here. After that, they’ll be a part of you.
1)      Wedgucation is necessary for all to be a successful evil genius. Everyone should attend all lectures on immorality, cheating, deceiving, downgrading, person-nullity development, sadism and masochism which are being taught by experts from respective fields.
2)      Daytime is the time of the light. So no loitering around in the open.  Be at the lectures or in your cells. Skin is sensitive to holy light and that is harmful for our cause. Bathing regularly is shunned and everyone is advised not to bath so that you may develop a thick coat of dirt to protect you from Solar damage. The only exceptions are those who are taking courses in seduction and witchery, for them, bathing is necessary, but use of umbrellas is necessary.
3)      Males are encouraged to wander around in night time to develop a taste for vampiredness and a sense strong enough to detect unwary prey. Females, we know you are frail and get carried away too soon, so you are not allowed to wander around after dusk.
4)      We are bored of the number 666, and want a new number. So, we would allot many same gendered inmates the same room, and opposite genders would be kept as far as possible. This makes number 377 an obvious choice. Pay homage to the devil in highest orders through the ‘Sin of Sodomy’.
But as we have already made it clear, if we catch you, you are going to hurt as hell. But then, that is what we are preparing you for – Hell?


  1. when i look back to the time in class 10th and 12th i never thought life is so different add to our woes is the support we are getting here!

  2. Dude, devils are their own supports for they are devils towards other devils leave all virtues and embrace this false truth.